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Hepplewhite Mahogany Bowfront

The Rectangular Top With A Bowed Front, Having An Inlaid Edge Above Four Graduated Beaded Drawers, Ending In A Shaped Inlaid Skirt,

Hepplewhite Mahogany Inlaid Sideboard

The Rectangular Top With Molded Edge Above Three Over Two Line-Inlaid Drawers, Raised On Line-Inlaid Square Tapered Legs, Ending In Cuff Feet.

Hepplewhite Country Sideboard

Hepplewhite Country Sideboard Of Diminutive Size. The Rectangular Top Above Two Over One Chamfered Drawers, Raised On Tall Square Tapered Legs. , Mid. Atlantic States, Early 19th. Century, H. 37 3/4" W. 34" D. 17 3/4"

Hepplewhite Inlaid Mahogany Chest Drawers

Hepplewhite Inlaid Mahogany Chest Drawers, The Cross Banded Inlaid Top Above Two Short Drawers, Over Three Long Drawers, Circa 1810

Hepplewhite Inlaid Bedside Commode / Sold

Hepplewhite Inlaid Bedside Commode The Square Top With Inlaid Scalloped Gallery, Above A Pair Of Inlaid And Banded Doors,Above An Inlaid Drawer On Square Tapered Legs. Once fitted for a potty.

Hepplewhite Inlaid Mahogany Sideboard / Sold

Just In This Stately Hepplewhite Inlaid Mahogany Sideboard Having A Rectangular Top With Ovolu Corners And Line Inlaid Edge, Above A Conforming Case. Circa 1790-1810

Hepplewhite Mahogany Inlaid Secretary Bookcase/sold

Hepplewhite Mahogany Inlaid Secretary Bookcase With Center Plinth Having An Oval Inlaid Reserve, Diamond Shaped Mullion Doors And Fold-Out Writing Surface.

Hepplewhite Painted Settee

Hepplewhite Painted Settee
A Rare Hepplewhite Painted Settee

The Four Molded Scrolled Upholstered […]

Hepplewhite Mahogany Inlaid Sideboard / Sold

Hepplewhite Mahogany Inlaid Sideboard
The Hepplewhite Mahogany Inlaid Sideboard:

The Rectangular Top With […]

Hepplewhite Pembroke Table

Hepplewhite Pembroke Table
A Fine Hepplewhite Inlaid Mahogany Pembroke Table

The Rectangular Top Having […]